Happy Things #6

There are literally 5 days left until the big day! Christmas eve boxes are sorted, presents are wrapped. Everyone has a present off us, we have food and a general idea of how the day will go! Are you prepared for Christmas?
This week’s happy thing is foggy, frosty mornings. I love seeing the frost on the ground early in the morning, it’s almost magical and it glistens in the rising sun light. Winter is such a magical month, and not only due to Christmas, but everything is magical. I’m just glad that the nursery run is over for the Christmas holidays, it’s so slippy walking up and down hills on the icy paths!

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Gift Ideas For Her

So I’ve done a gift guide for men and it’s about time I done one for us ladies. So today’s post is all about us and what we’d like. I’ve tried to cater for all and have kept the prices fairly affordable too. Is there something here that you can buy for that special lady in you life?

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Gift Ideas for Her

Is there anything specific that you would like for Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

 photo christmas signature_zpso5qswwtm.jpg

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Happy Things #5

I feel like we’re flying through December and I still don’t feel ready for the big day. It’s just approaching far too quickly. At least the kids have their presents. As for food, I’ll just have to wing it! 
So this week has another Christmassy feel to it, my love of candles. Not just any candle. Christmas scents. So all those cinnamon and mulled wine smells, not forgetting gingerbread! Oh they are delightful and my house is full of them during the Christmas period, although I am currently burning a baby powder scented wax melt!

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Happy Things #4

The most wonderful time of the year is here and with it comes all sorts of fantastic things. From music to Christmas trees and even those gorgeous cinnamon smells. But nothing, and I mean nothing can compare to the delights of Christmas food!
But no, I’m not just talking about any type of food. I’m talking about mince pies. I really, really like mince pies. To the point where I will happily sit with a plate of warm mince pies (the whole pack is emptied onto the plate), with a pot of double cream, and eat until I almost sick! They are just delicious. I know that not many people like these festive treats but good! That means there will be more for me!

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Letters to Santa

As I’m sure many of you were aware, Royal Mail have been offering a service where you send a letter to Santa and if you send your address, with the letter, he writes back. So of course me and the kiddies got writing out our letters to Santa. Well I say kiddies, Joshua was asleep at the time and even when he did wake up he had no interest in writing his letter so Keira helped me to do Joshua’s too. Some of the things she was coming out with were totally comical, the best present she dropped was chocolate bombs! I don’t even know where she got the idea of chocolate bombs from but she insisted it was to be on her list! 
letters to santa

While I was searching through Poundland I never even thought about buying pre-made letters to use and I was hunting for stuff that I could use to make them myself. It was then that I found this pack. It contained two pre-made letters to Santa, two envelopes and one set of stickers. Ideally I think there should have been two sets of stickers but we managed.
Keira’s main interest was putting the stickers on (what is it about stickers that toddlers love?) but she still helped me write the letter. Obviously Keira can’t write just yet, but she helped me hold the pen. Her list consisted of the usual chocolate and sweets. Also, she said she would like a new bed because she had wee’d in hers the previous night. Okay child!
So we eventually got both letters written and all the letters stuck on. Fab! It was just time to stick them in the envelopes and post them. Now the envelopes didn’t have the Royal Mail’s address on them, so I had to write the address on a plain piece of paper and stick it onto the envelope. We posted them that day and we haven’t had our reply from Santa just yet, I’m sure he’s got plenty of children to write back too, but I’m sure it’ll be here soon (hopefully before Christmas!! 

My plan is to stick Santa’s letter in their Christmas Eve boxes for them to open. If we don’t get a letter back then I’m going to have to get crafty and make my own! Come on Royal Mail!!
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