Feeding on-the-go with Fuelbaby Bottle

I know exactly what you’re thinking, why am I promoting a bottle when I breastfeed Zara.Well, just because I breastfeed doesn’t mean I am against bottle feeding. In fact, I quite openly believe that ‘fed is best’ and however a baby is fed is no one else’s business.

Now, I completely formula fed Keira and I switched Joshua to formula when he was 3 months old so I know all to well the struggle a formula feeding parent has when out and about. There are so many different guidelines to follow regarding how to prepare formula, the NHS website has some great information but always check with the directions on the back of the formula box for how best to prepare. The one thing that always causes confusion is how to prepare a bottle of formula when out and about. Guidelines say that each bottle is to be prepared fresh with boiling water but this can cause problems when you’re not around a kettle to get that boiling water. There is a solution, in the formula of this amazing bottle.

I was sent the Fuelbaby Bottle for the purposes of a review, all opinions and thoughts are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please visit my Disclosure page.

The Fuelbaby Bottle is a fantastic way to help you prepare baby's formula in a safe, quick and convenient way that's fuss free!

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Activity Jumperoo | Review

Zara has a new toy and I think I love it just a little bit more than she does. Fisher-Price recently asked us to review the new Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Activity Jumperoo. I had just started looking for a jumperoo for Zara, so it was perfectly timed. There are so many on the market and I was finding it impossible to pick one. After having spent some time with this one, I couldn’t picture us having picked any other. I feel like this is the mother of all jumperoos.

Fisher-Price have this amazing jumperoo that is packed full with lights, songs and activities to keep baby busy while bouncing away.
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New Monster Toys Range from Fisher-Price

We were recently asked if we would like to review the new monster toys range on the market from Fisher-Price. When I saw them, there was no was I could say no. I knew that my kids would be thrilled with these toys, and I wasn’t wrong.

This new monster toys range from Fisher-Price consists of 3 toys all aimed at 6 months+ and very reasonably priced. The toys not only look appealing, but they make the perfect addition to all toy collections.

Have you spotted Fisher-Price's new monster toys range? They are a must have addition to any toy box!
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Thomas and Friends Comforter & Soft Toy | Review

Thomas and Friends has always been a huge hit in our home, although I was a little shocked when we first started watching it as to how different it had become since I was a child. I still enjoyed watching that cheeky little train though. Zara has barely had any new toys, with Joshua still being so young when she was born she just got lumped with all the old toys (some we even bought when Keira was a baby). So when we were asked to review the Thomas and Friends comforter and soft, how could I refuse?!
Thomas and Friends has always been a hit in our house, the children love watching him on TV, so it was no surprise that we loved this comforter and soft toy.
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The Only Little Monkey You Will Ever Need

I know I am not alone when I say I hate┬áteething. It is the biggest pain in the bum, ever! I am sick of seeing my babies in pain and not being able to stop it – only briefly take the discomfort away. All if this goes on for ages as well without a tooth even popping through. There are so many gimmicky teething aids out there, and most of them prove pretty useless. I recently wrote a post about the teething products from Nuby that we love, you can see that here.
The new craze at the moment is Matchstick Monkey and boy is he adored in the baby community. I can see why, he’s a cute little fella! We were sent our own little pink dude to test and review!
Tired of looking for teething toys that are small enough for baby to hold, but live up to their claims of helping? Then Matchstick Monkey is your guy.
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