What I Really Wouldn’t put in my Hospital Bags

Here's a list of things that you definitely won't need to pack in your hospital bags before giving birth.

I’ve done it 3 times now so I feel like a bit of a pro at this giving birth thing, even though with my third I tried to pack as minimal as possible, I found myself adding random bits to my hospital bags the closer I got to my due date. Silly things like a pack of playing cards and a knife and fork. What would I even need a knife and fork for?!

I thought about all the things they advise you to pack, and what things you most definitely will need, but there’s a lot of it that is, quite frankly, useless because you’ll never use them during your hospital stay. It’s easy to find information on what to pack, there’s a fab checklist on BabyCentre, but there isn’t much to find about what you really don’t need. So I went through my hospital bag list, and baby’s hospital bag list, to find out what things you really won’t need to pack to take with you.

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