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I never really knew about hypnobirthing while pregnant with Keira and Joshua, but I’ve read a lot about it this time. It’s definitely something I have been willing to try, anything to help through that pain is perfect. Especially when you hope to not use any pain relief. Along with breathing and relaxing techniques, positive affirmations definitely help and these are just some of the ones I liked the most!

I put all fear aside as I prepare for the birth of my baby

I am relaxed and happy that my baby is finally coming to me

I am focused on a smooth, easy birth

I trust my body to know what to do and I follow its lead

My body and my baby know how to work together in harmony

My mind is relaxed, my body is relaxed

I feel confident, I feel safe, I feel secure

My muscles work in complete harmony to make birthing easier

I feel a natural tranquility flowing through my body

I relax as we move smoothly, and easily, through labour and birth

I see my baby coming smoothly and easily from my womb

My baby’s birth will be easy because I am so relaxed and confident

I breathe correctly and eliminate tension

As my labour advances, I go deeper within to my baby

My baby is correctly positioned for an easy birth

I work with my body 

I turn my birthing over to my baby and my body

I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing may take

My baby gently moves through the birth path in it’s journey

Each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me

I deepen my relaxation as I move further into labour

I am totally relaxed and at ease

I meet each surge only with my breath and my body is at ease

I release my birth over to my body and my baby

I breathe out slowly with each surge of my body

I will have a strong and healthy baby

I trust my body to know how to birth my baby

I trust my body to do what is best for my baby

I am a strong and capable woman

My body knows how to birth my baby

My body is indeed beautifully and wonderfully made

I deserve to have the birth I desire

I trust my body, I trust my labour, I trust in my baby

I am a strong and capable woman

I feel inner peace and serenity

My baby knows all is well

My body knows what my baby needs

Good, strong surges help my baby come into the world

I embrace the concept of healthy pain

I am strong, confident assured and assertive

My body contains all the knowledge to give birth to my baby

My baby knows how and when to be born

Birth is a safe and wonderful experience

My baby will be born healthy and at the perfect time

I hope these can help you as they are helping me, I think anything that helps us to have a smoother and easier labour and delivery is worth looking into and, of course, everyone loves to read some positive affirmations! They definitely help me to start my day!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these, I have read a lot about hypnobirthing this time around too. I think I have got the idea of the whole breathing thing but these affirmations seems like a great way to keep calm and relax when the big day comes. Good luck to you, can't be long now until baby number 3 is here xx #blogginggoodtime

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