Baby Announcement

I am so very pleased to introduce our gorgeous baby boy, yes that’s right our yellow baby was indeed a boy, little Joshua! It was a complete shock to find out that he was a boy considering I was set on the idea that we were having another girl, I’d even started washing Keira’s baby’s clothes! Not that that has gone to waste because I can now pass them on or sell them.

Joshua is the most chilled out little dude I could have asked for. He sleeps most of the day and wakes up for nappy changes and feeds, Keira was never like this as a newborn!
Speaking of Keira, she’s been an absolute angel! She loves her little brother so much. If Joshua cries then Keira is right there with her blanket to try and comfort him, she’s forever giving him kisses and cuddles! She’s already the greatest big sister ever!!

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