What’s in Baby’s Hospital Bag | Baby #2

I remember the time I was pregnant with Keira and I was desperately searching YouTube for a video on what essential items I needed to pack for the baby during our hospital stay. Fortunately I didn’t excessively over pack with Keira and having done it all before I knew what essentials I would need for our stay. As mentioned in previous posts, my plan is to have a home birth but it always helps to be prepared and have a hospital bag packed just in case!

So this is my new changing bag and what I’ll be using to pack the baby’s hospital items in. It is the Babymoov Baby Chic changing bag and it is currently priced at around £45, (here is the Amazon link: Babymoov Baby Chic Changing Bag). It comes with loads of hidden extras, like a wet bag, perfect for when you’re out and about and need to store wet clothes or dirty nappies. There is also a lovely, soft fleece blanket. It also comes with an insulated bottle holder (enough room for one bottle) and a dummy holder (can squeeze two or three dummies in). My favourite part of the bag, an external changing mat. It is attached to the front of the bag and easily detaches with two clips. It’s a large mat and even has a pocket for you to add a few nappies or wipes instead of digging through your bag for them!

Three muslin squares. I chose these over bibs, with Keira also, as they were much easier to use. It always seemed like such hassle to try and get a bib around a newborn but it was much easier to place a muslin square under their neck to catch all that milky dribble.
Four pairs of scratch mittens and a hat (still on the hunt for second hat). The scratch mittens are in two different sizes as I much prefer the smaller mittens over the bigger pair.
Four vests. Two plain white that are sized newborn (up to 7lbs) and two white with a small design that are sized up to one month (10lbs).
Twelve newborn (size one) nappies. I have the Mamia by Aldi range which we have used throughout with Keira and found them to be fantastic. They recommend twelve nappies in a twenty four hour period so this should be plenty.
Three bottles of Aptamil first milk, premade formula. I do plan to try breastfeeding but if that doesn’t work then at least I know I have the formula just in case. I won’t be taking bottles as they won’t be sterile for long. Many milk companies do produce a starter pack (see link: Aptamil Starter Pack) however these are rather pricey and our hospital recommended not using them as the teats are only sterile for one use and the baby won’t drink a full bottle straight away so you’ll be wasting milk as it’ll be thrown after use. Our hospital, however, do provide plastic sterile bottles and packaged sterile teats, which are perfect for one use, so if need be, we will be using these little cartons instead as they are only 80p per bottle and you can reuse them.
One pack of Water Wipes. I have heard many great things about these wipes, they are supposedly perfect for those who cannot stand the feel of cotton wool, like myself. They are meant to be 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract which is much better than using normal baby wipes when it comes to nappy changes for a newborn.
Two sleepsuits. These were bought from Next after we had our first scan with Keira. They are both sized First Size (up to 7lbs) and Keira wore both. They both have the built in scratch mittens too. 

Another sleepsuit, sized up to one month (10lbs), and this one doesn’t have the built in scratch mittens, but it’s always handy to have clothes in both a smaller and bigger size as there is no 100% accurate way of knowing what your baby will weigh until they are born.
Finally, we have baby’s first outfit and blanket. Just a simple white and yellow striped sleepsuit with a lion printed on, with a matching blanket.
So that is what I have packed in the changing bag ready for our little bundle to use. I hope this is helpful for you when it comes to packing your own!

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