A to Z of me!

I’m definitely going to enjoy this tag. It makes me feel like I’m still Amy and not just mommy. Also it gives you the opportunity to find out a bit more about me!

A is for Amy! That was an easy one.
B is for babywearing. I use a stretchy wrap and even though it can be super fiddly I love having Joshua so close to me.
C is for cake. Everyone loves cake.
D is for Darren. I love this guy more than anyone can begin to imagine, not only has he helped me bring two amazing children into the world but he has changed my life.
E is for eyes. I have blue eyes; as does Darren, Keira and Joshua.
F is for family. My family mean everything to me, I appreciate all the help and support they give.
G is for goats. If I could have any pet in the world, I would definitely, without any hesitation, pick a goat! I absolutely love them and think they’re ace!
H is for home. Home is where my heart is.
I is for introvert. I’m happier when I’m alone. Although I know this isn’t easy with a toddler and newborn.
J is for Joshua. Of course. I love my little boy, he’s such a happy chappy and he definitely helps to brighten up my days.
K is for Keira. Another easy one, my big girl! She is my inspiration and she made me realise just how strong a person I actually am.
L is for LOL. My most used shorthand.
M is for mommy. I love being a mommy, it may be my new identity but I love it. I love knowing that I have two beautiful children love me unconditionally.
N is for no. The most used word in the house.
O is for ocean. I would love to one day move down to the seaside to be by the ocean.
P is for Peppa Pig. I’ve had enough of that bratty pig.
Q is for queues. I hate queuing, it sets off all my anxieties.
R is for rainy days. They’re the days that means snuggles and movies on the sofa.
S is for socks. Where do they go after they’ve been washed? I have a draw full of odd socks.
T is for tea. I would not be able to get through the day without a good cup of tea each morning,
U is for Ugg boots. I have never owned a pair.
V is for value. Who doesn’t love getting value for money!
W is for wine. I love a glass or two on a Saturday just to wind down and chill out.
X is for Xmas. Okay I know this one is cheating a little, but who doesn’t love Christmas?!
Y is for Yankee Candle. I couldn’t go a day without a candle burning making the room smell yummy.
Z is for zodiac. Although I don’t follow horoscopes, I know that my sign is Sagittarius.

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