A New Arrival

I know I’ve been pretty AWOL from my blog the last few weeks but, along with the lack of motivation to write as my pregnancy neared the end, we had a lovely surprise take place! I’ll leave all the details for another post, which will be my birth story, so for now I’ll just introduce you to the beautiful little lady that has graced our lives!

This is our beautiful little girl, Zara. She was born on Monday 5th September 2016 at 7:08am weighing a grand 8lbs 3oz!! So even after all of those growth scans telling us that she was measuring small and that she was going to be tiny, she came out bigger than both Keira and Joshua!

I was honestly gobsmacked when I was told her weight and I really couldn’t believe my ears! I still don’t really understand where all this weight is as she seems super tiny but it’s all in there somewhere!

Keira and Joshua have taken to her so well, Joshua wasn’t 100% sure of her to start with but after a day or two he came round and he’s so gentle with her! Of course Keira is smitten! Zara is forever getting big sister kisses and she sings the ABC song to her all the time! It really does make my heart explode!

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  1. Yacon Root

    31 August, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Fantastic Blog. Really enjoyed reading.

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