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7 Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Every year, me and Keira make our own Christmas cards for family members and Keira absolutely loves it. So this year will be no different. With Joshua being 16 months he still has no interest in making crafty things with me and Keira so I’m sure he won’t want to take part again but I’ll be sure to get him to try!

I’ve been searching through Pinterest for my favourites and have compiled a list for you!

christmas cards

Handmade Christmas Cards

Using Hands

1. Snowman Family
These are so cute, you could do your whole family (or you could do grandchildren with grandparents).

2. Handprint Christmas Trees
I love the idea of using the card to cut out and stick for a less messier card, but you could also use paint to make these.

3. Fingerprint Reindeer Family
Like the snowmen above, these are so cute! Would need loads of stick on eyes for my family.

Using Potatoes

1. Snowman
I love this snowman, he is so cute! Could also picture doing a snowman family with smaller potatoes!

2. Penguins
Also could do a penguin family with this design and it’d take a while as you’d have to wait for the blank paint to dry before adding the white. Still, so cute though!

3. Baubles
I’d never think of adding baubles to a Christmas card, always automatically turn to reindeer, Santa or snowmen. So I love this idea!

Using Feet

1. Snowmen
This is always my go-to method. It’s so quick and easy. You can do anything, like these snowmen or you can even make reindeers!

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