39 Weeks Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

Another late post, I’m getting good at these, but another week has been and gone! Just one week left until our due date and this baby is showing no signs of wanting to come out. I definitely feel like I’ll be going over my due date.
Pregnancy aches and pains are really taking their toll now, but as I’m so close to the end I feel like they’re worth it.
Me and Keira have spent a lot of the past week taking hourly walks to the shops and back, just to help coax that baby down and out. Nothing seems to have worked so far, but it definitely creates some braxton hicks for me to enjoy (not the mention the blisters on my feet)!

The backache is killing me, it is probably the main reason as to why I cannot get comfortable at all. If I was to lie on my back it feels a million times worse! Sometimes it feels like my pelvis is being ripped apart. It is such a struggle to walk most days because of it.
Braxton hicks are becoming stronger and more frequent. I can time them, although they never have a pattern to them, and they are never painful enough to make me suspect that they are anything more than braxton hicks.
Eating is becoming a struggle. I find I barely have an appetite anymore and I just eat because I know I need to, not because I want to. I am drinking a lot more, I find that I’m just constantly thirsty, but that means that I’m spending a lot of time on the toilet! Walking has slowed right down, I can no longer walk as fast paced as I once did. Walking with the pushchair helps, but it’s still a struggle. As is getting out of bed, I have definitely mastered the roll out!
My breasts have been leaking colostrum, there isn’t much but enough to make me wear a breast pad. I never had this until after I’d given birth to Keira so it’s all new to me. I can just be sitting there and suddenly I have this wet patch on my top!
This week will be project “get baby out”. I have a sweep, as well as my 40 week appointment, on Monday but I’m really hoping that something happens before then. I’d hate to go as far overdue as I did with Keira because I know I’ll be pushed into induction, which I really don’t want, so send me lots and lots of labor dust! I’m going to need it!!

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