39 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #3

39 weeks: Your baby is about the size of a mini-watermelon
Your baby now weighs a bit over 7 pounds and is roughly 20 inches long from head to heel.

So I’ve been pretty quiet this week and that’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve been spending as much time with Keira and Joshua as I can before the baby arrives. I’ve become ever so worried about how both of them are going to take to a new baby and that they’re going to feel like mommy has more time for the baby than them, which certainly won’t be true, but I worry about it all the time!

SYMPTOMS Everything’s gone quiet to be honest. I have definitely been searching for a twinge that could indicate labour is on its way but there has been nothing! Apart from backache, heartburn and the odd niggling cramp I’ve been very clear on the labour front. I am struggling with sleep though. Getting to sleep when I first go to bed has been the easy part but when Joshua wakes in the night, and he’s gone back to sleep, I really struggle with getting back to sleep. It could be as early as 1am and I will be awake for hours just lying there waiting for sleep to happen, it eventually does but it takes forever!

APPOINTMENTS We’ve actually had two appointments this week, one with the consultant midwife and my usual growth scan! We saw the consultant midwife to discuss our options of having a home birth as baby’s weight had improved at the last scan. It was such a helpful appointment and it definitely put a lot into perspective regarding the birth of baby. So there was no definitive yes or no answer, but the consultant couldn’t advise me to have a home birth, on a professional level. So there and then I was under the impression that a home birth was a no go. We did get baby’s position checked and she was still head down and fully engaged! Then we had our growth scan on the Thursday. I think I was very apprehensive about this one. I was certainly expecting to hear that baby had, once again, dropped below the 10th centile but that certainly wasn’t the case! In fact little miss is now measuring between the 10th and the 50th centiles meaning she’s gained a huge amount of weight! We saw the consultant and she told us that there’s no need for them to intervene any further and no more scans! Wonderful! I asked about a home birth and the consultant still couldn’t say yes or no because there was always that chance that the scan was wrong. So no home birth for me, but I can use the hospital’s birth centre and I can have a pool birth as long as I refuse induction, which is the plan!

FEELING Loads better but a little impatient now. I’m super happy that we get to just let baby decide when she wants to come and that we don’t have to take any more trips to the hospital. I’m glad that I have the chance to let my body decide when is best for labour to start!

BABY She’s obviously doing fab! From her measurements they estimate her to weight be around 6lbs 12oz, meaning if we go over our due date (like Keira and Joshua) then she’ll be bigger than them! After all those scans and worries of her being tiny too!

EXCITED ABOUT I am actually really excited about my body starting labour on its own. I’ve been induced twice and I am really hoping that my body will prove it can do it all by itself this time. I have my post dates appointment at the hospital on the 1st September to discuss induction but I am 100% certain that I am going to refuse, unless it is medically needed. I also have an appointment with my midwife at 39+6 weeks and I’m pretty sure she’ll offer me a sweep so hopefully that’ll help us along!

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  1. Joy Joaquin

    21 August, 2016 at 11:15 am

    Im so glad you will most likely make it to your due date and that baby is doing great!! 🙂

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