38 Week Midwife Appointment | Baby #2

I had another visit from my midwife today. She was very happy that our birthing pool had arrived and fits nicely in the living room, as well as all the attachments fitting rather well! Keira had just woken up from her nap so was quietly sitting on the sofa eating a few grapes so she was nice and quiet during the visit.
She tested both my urine and blood pressure, as expected they were both completely normal so there was nothing to worry about regarding those. She then had a feel of my tummy to see how baby was lying, baby is still head down with his/her back against my belly and he/she is still 3/5 engaged.
We heard the heartbeat and it sounded lovely, it always brings a smile to my face to hear that fast paced heartbeat, the most reassuring sound to ever touch my ears. The heartbeat sounded like a galloping horse, which according to old wives tales means that baby could be a girl.
I discussed the backache that I’d been having, as it seems to have come back today, and she said it sounds like baby is getting ready to make an appearance!! I just hope that this baby does decide to come soon!
The midwife then booked me in for my 40 week appointment on the 6th of July (making me 40+1), although it will be with another member of the home birth team, but she said they’ll be able to give me my first sweep (assuming I haven’t gone into labour by then) and failing that my normal midwife will come out on the 8th to do another sweep! So from now till then, I’m on project evict baby!

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