37 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

Ahh, another week has passed. I swear I am unable to keep up with how fast the weeks are going.
I’ve not served my womb friend with an eviction notice just yet, they’re allowed to cook in there for as long as they need, but I am drafting a notice up to serve in approximately 3 weeks time. We have deadlines to meet as family members are going on their holidays soon!!

We’ve not had a particularly boring week, but it hasn’t been overly excitable either. Actually I think I may have enjoyed the past week, well without the forever clingyness of Keira!! Heartburn, SPD and braxton hicks have all been present although none have been very obvious – which has been lovely! There has been a new symptom and quite an annoying one at that. I’ve been having a lot of menstrual cramping, Saturday day time they were present all day on and off. Nothing worth timing and nothing too uncomfortable. They weren’t bad enough to stop me from sleeping though and they had gone by the morning, or at least I hadn’t noticed any as I was particularly busy. Sunday evening and they showed up again, a lot more painful though. They were bad enough to stop be from being able to comfortably fall asleep and after waking in the night to settle Keira back to sleep, they kept me awake for over an hour but once again they were gone come Monday morning.
The midwife visited last Tuesday to do her normal checks as well as go through a birth prep with me. Both my urine and blood pressure were fine, baby’s heartbeat was fine and baby was still head down!! Hooray!! The only difference this time is that baby’s head was 3/5 engaged!! This was very exciting to hear! I’d been feeling a lot of lightening pains so that confirmed my suspicions!
The midwife gave me details on what to do if I think I’m in labour and who to call! She gave me so much information and answered all of the questions I had about what would happen after the birth regarding my blood group, as both me and baby will need to be tested, but I was absolutely satisfied with the answers she gave and I definitely feel ready to have this baby now. The midwife also gave me a voucher to order the birthing pool, which I have now done and it arrived today!!
So all in all a fairly good week.

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