35 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

It’s that time of the week again and once again I’m posting late, I turn a new week every Sunday and I enjoy a relaxing Sunday far too much! However, here it is! My 35 week update
There isn’t much to report on, it has been a fairly quiet week in terms of pregnancy. My heartburn and SPD have been horrendous though, I can barely lie down any without acid burning through my throat and then when I try to sit up to help relieve it my SPD kicks in causing agonising pain to my pelvis. Definitely a lose lose situation.

I’ve been having a lot of pressure down there from baby’s head which (this is probably going to be TMI) is giving me the urge to empty my bowels several times a day, although it always results in nothing actually coming out.
I’ve been getting a lot of hot flushes too. I can’t remember having these with Keira but I’m pretty sure I did. They seem to come out of nowhere though and I become a right mess when they do arrive. I’m forever sitting by the open window! Overall though, I’m feeling pretty good in myself and I’m counting down the days till my due date, secretly hoping baby comes just before!
If you remember from my last post, I was waiting for the midwife to come out for a follow up appointment regarding my fundal measurements as I was measuring over the 90th percentile line. Well she came out, everything was going smoothly in regards to my blood pressure and urine. She measured my bump and I measured just below the 90th percentile line this time. The midwife said it was routine to refer for a growth scan if a measurement crosses a line, whether it’s up or down so we had a scan booked in for Monday afternoon.
At the scan we got to see baby again and almost decided to ask the sonographer if she could tell us baby’s gender but we didn’t and we still don’t know! The scan went great though, baby is measuring just under the 50th percentile line and weighs around 5lbs 5oz which is on track for this stage of pregnancy. So we have nothing to worry about and it looks like we won’t be having a big baby after all! We have to go back in 2 weeks time so that they have something to compare it by but Darren keeps saying that he wants to know the gender now so I’m trying to convince him that finding out the gender at 37 weeks is going to be pointless!

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