34 Weeks Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

It’s that time of the week again except this one is going out a bit late, 2 days late in fact oops! I’ve not had a bad week but it’s been a bit different!
The past week started off as normal, the odd heartburn and the usual SPD symptoms, come Wednesday the baby decided that they no longer wanted to play ball and spent pretty much the whole day being quiet and having minimal movement. I didn’t feel worry and my instinct wasn’t telling me to panic so I brushed it off as a lazy day. Thursday came and the movements had got a lot more quieter, I’d not felt one movement all morning. I’d text Darren to see if he could get the day off work so that we could possibly go to labour and delivery to get things checked out. As the afternoon approached I’d felt 4 movements in total but nothing that was strong and obvious. I decided to have a cup of tea and see if that would help, this baby is a tea lover already and tea always makes them have a wiggle, but there was nothing so I gave it an extra half hour before I rang delivery suite. They weren’t concerned as I’d felt some movements, as well as hiccups just moments before, but they did express just how busy they were (a 3+ hour wait!!!) and explained that if I was worried or the movements stopped completely then I was more than welcome to go in. As soon as I was off the phone, the little monkey decided they’d had enough quiet time and all was back to normal.

Braxton hicks are still playing a major role in day to day activities and they do feel as though they get stronger daily but still nothing to ever worry about. I get a lot of pressure downstairs and my bladder cannot hold even the smallest amount of pee any more! Hot flushes are a pain and I’m forever left feeling like a sweaty mess, it just is not pleasant at all!
I have my follow up midwife appointment this coming Friday and I’m so nervous about it but I feel confident that everything will be okay and my plans for a natural home birth will still be allowed!

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