33 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

Ah so we enter yet another new week in this pregnancy, although technically I start a new week every Sunday but who manages to stick to time frames!
The past week has gone surprisingly well. I didn’t get chance to post an update for 32 weeks but you can see the vlog here: 32 Week Pregnancy Update / Baby Number 2
If you watched the vlog, you’d noticed that I’d spoke about the midwife visit I had where she’d measured my bump for the fundal height and I was measuring over the 90th percentile which could indicate either a larger than my calculated average or I’m carrying more fluid than deemed normal. The midwife visits again on the 29th May to have another measure and from there it will be decided if I am to see the consultant or not. This could also mean that I may be unable to have the home birth that I so desire, but we shall have to wait and see before anything can be decided.

My pelvic pain seems to be getting worse at night and I find the only way that I am able to sleep is if I take paracetamol to help ease the pain. I also find myself waking in the night due to the pain, which then results in needing the toilet, thankfully I am able to get back to sleep until the morning.
The baby’s movements are getting a lot more stronger and somewhat uncomfortable. I get a lot of movement from under my ribs and a lot of pressure on my lungs as the baby squashes them! I also tend to feel a lot of movement further down, sometimes it feels like the baby is literally punching their way out. It is terribly uncomfortable.
Braxton hicks have been the pain of my life this week. I have noticed them from quite early on but they are getting stronger and a lot more uncomfortable now. They don’t hurt, but they definitely take my breath away and make me stop whatever I am doing. I think I’ll have a very strong uterus for labour at this rate!
I have almost purchased all of the items for both mine and baby’s hospital bag, just in case we do need to go to hospital. We have purchased the baby’s new changing bag, which I am super excited about and we also got baby’s coming home outfit and blanket, both are super cute. I shall show you all very soon!
Other than the above, there isn’t much else to update on. The weeks are becoming very similar and nothing much happens. I will probably do my next update at 35 weeks, after my appointment with the midwife so I can update you all on what will be happening next.

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