31 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby Number 2

Hello everyone! Wow, what a week or maybe I should say what a quick 31 weeks! I don’t even know where the past 31 weeks have gone!! It’s literally zooming past!

So I’ve made it to 31 weeks and I feel awful! Everywhere aches and everything hurts. It’s impossible to get comfortable and I’ve forever living with heartburn. I might as well sit here with a pack of Rennies to chew every 5 minutes!! It’s horrendous!
But this pregnancy has been not very different from my pregnancy with Keira. Everything seems to be going rather well. I’ve been having headaches and backaches, nothing clears them not even paracetamol. I’ve been suffering with SPD, but only during the evenings/at night, it can keep me awake at night especially when my restless leg plays up too! I find that sometimes I am unable to walk because they pain in my pelvis is ridiculous!!
If you wasn’t aware, we decided against finding out baby’s gender, one more surprise, so I’ve been rattling my brain to see if my body is telling me what gender baby is! Every inch of me is screaming girl, so I’ll be very surprised if we have a baby boy.
We have also decided to have a home birth, well I decided and Darren just nodded in agreement, mainly due to all the anxiety I suffered while in hospital so hopefully this baby is nothing like their sister and comes before an induction is needed!
We’ve hardly bought anything for this baby either, that is due to the fact that we still have all of Keira’s baby things so there isn’t much to buy. We have bought a new pushchair, car seat and bottles. The only things we really need to get are a buggy board, as we don’t have a double pushchair, nappies, formula and then any clothes we’ll need once baby is born! Still makes me feel unorganised though!

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