26 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #3

26 weeks: Your baby is about the size of a red cabbage
Your baby weighs about 760g, as much as a red cabbage. (Length: 35.6cm, head to heel)
So here we are for another week! To be quite honest, the past week glee by so I’m hoping that’s how the rest of the weeks are going to go. We’ve passed the 100 days mark!! 97 days/14 weeks left until our due date and we all know I’m going over again so this due date doesn’t really help with counting down but we can dream right?

Not much difference from last week to now. I’ve had a bit of heartburn, and I think onion is the contributing factor to that, backache is still killing me though, as the weather’s getting warmer I can’t use a hot water bottle because it’s getting me too hot (we all know how bad heat makes us during pregnancy)! TMI, but I’m either constipated or my stools are loose. There’s no norm or in between. I don’t remember this with either Keira or Joshua.
I was saying to Darren just the other night that while pregnant with Keira and Joshua I felt like they were quite high into my ribs and I struggled to get much air from all the pressure but I feel like my bumps not as high in my ribs this time, maybe I’ve got it all come, but it feels wonderful to still be able to breath.
Movements are getting way more noticeable. They’re almost at the top of my bump now and they’re getting, not exactly painful, but very uncomfortable. I now say “ouch” when I get a good boot! I can also tell she’s still head down because her hiccups are always low. So I’m hoping she’s finding that most comfortable and stays that way until the end.
My appetite seems to be decreasing by the day, I’m definitely a snack throughout the day kind of person during pregnancy, but I still get myself to sit down in the evening and have a small meal with Darren.
I can no longer see my feet, or anything below my bump for that matter. The bump is getting big pretty quickly. I’m also finding it difficult to get up from lying down, I have to sort of roll onto my side and scoot myself up. I dread to think how hard its going to be the closer I get towards the end!
So that’s it for this week, at least I had something to update you all on! I have just over 2 weeks to go until my next midwife appointment. Unfortunately it won’t be with my home birth midwife as I’ll be at the hospital for it, but it will include routine blood test, urine test, blood pressure, possibly weigh in and of course my Anti-D injection thanks to my rhesus negative blood group!

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