10 Things I Love About You

Since having children, the time that Darren and I spend together is limited. We barely get an hour at night time because we’re still trying to get the cheeky monkeys to stay in their beds once they’re asleep. So any time we do spend together really is cherished. 
One thing I don’t do often is tell him just how much he means to me, and with Valentine’s Day coming up what better time to dedicate a post to him.

  • You make me smile for reason whatsoever
  • You always want to be close to me
  • You can always calm me down
  • You never fail to make me laugh
  • You go to McDonalds at midnight when I fancy chips
  • You put up with my mood swings
  • You always let me be right (even when I’m wrong)
  • You’re an amazing dad to our kids
  • You clean up the mess I make on the kitchen sides
  • You always listen to me complain, about everything
So there we have it, just some of things I love most about my darling fiance. And even though I don’t tell him any of these things every day, I want him to know that this is how I feel about him.

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